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Friday, January 19, 2007

Two New Additions To The Blogroll

This evening, I added two new sites to the blogroll on the left sidebar.

The first one is The Ergonomenon, an excellent, well-written, and aesthetically pleasing blog that focuses on the impact of ergonomics in everyday life. It includes posts on everything from the expected (product reviews of computer mice), to a series on ergonomic nightmares (the most recent prodded the can opener down the walk of shame), to the downright odd (washable keyboards and the scourge of mega-sized purses).

Secondly, we have Toolboxtopics.com. Looking past the ghastly web design, the site has ready to print/adapt forms for tailgate safety meetings on numerous topics, for countless sectors of employment; an invaluable resource for the OH&S professional in a hurry.


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