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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Spotlight: The Precision Grip

Last week we focused on the power grip for the Sunday Spotlight; tonight, we shall examine its companion, the precision grip.

The precision grip is used by workers when accuracy, detail, and fine movements are necessary to complete a task. The precision grip is performed by gripping the tool in question between the thumb and the forefinger. There are two types of precision grip: an internal precision grip is performed when the tool handle lies inside the palm of the user's hand (e.g. using a knife), and an external grip is performed when the tool handle lies outside the palm (e.g. writing with a pen).

The worker using a precision grip must take care to only use it when low forces are required to use the tool in question (< 2 lb of force), as the muscles used during a precision grip are small and fatigue easily, therefore overstressing those systems can quickly lead to a injury.


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