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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ergonomics In The Construction Industry

In workplaces where the workstation is ever-changing, such as in the construction and demolition industries, the application of ergonomics becomes a challenge. Since there is no static work area such as a desk, workbench, etc., changing tasks can often change the rules by which many fixes are based on.

It is in these environments where the basics of the profession are put to the test. In many cases, there are limited opportunities for the purchase, transport, and usage of ergonomic devices within many companies in the industry; however, the core principles of adjustability, usability, and human-centred manual material handling can still be implemented with a little creativity.

EXAMPLE: Since workers often change job sites often (sometimes within the same day), any adjustable work bench has to be light, easily portable, and a reasonable capital cost. In cases where this is not possible, makeshift height-adjusters can be improvised through the use of 1" high blocks (or any other increment, as deemed appropriate).

Stay tuned for more examples in the future of how ergonomics can be applied to the construction/demoliton industry, as I have worked with this sector extensively over the past year!


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