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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ergonomics In The Blogosphere: BrooklynDodger

I came across Google Blog Search this morning; naturally, I searched for ergonomics. It turns out that the Sunday Spotlight made the first page! Talk about moving up in the world! In addition, I decided to search for other blogs that talk about ergonomics, and occupational health and safety. Of the entries that I found, one blog stood out. BrooklynDodger is a blog that takes research articles, and highlights findings so that they are easily understood by people who have alot on their plate and not alot of time, like myself. Despite the most recent post focusing on something not necessarily work-related (alcohol use and marital satisfaction), most of the content is very relevant to OH&S professionals.

Also, I have now added a site to the list of links on the sidebar at the left. Ergonomics in the Blogosphere uses Google Blog Search to highlight the latest mentions of ergonomics in the vast ocean of weblogs out there, many of which will belong to yours truly!


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