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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Case Study: The Long-Haul Truck Driver

For case study #2, we will profile the truck driver. The operator of this hypothetical truck has the following situations to deal with:

  • Long periods of driving on the road, occasionally across boring terrain, and at night.
  • A truck seat that is old, and therefore lacks proper support for the back.
  • Continuous low-level, whole body vibration from the operation of the truck.
  • Contends with low-sun glare, as well as glare from other vehicles.
  • The driver complains of sore hands and wrists at the end of the day.
  • The driver, from the sendentary nature of the job, is overweight and gets tired easily.

I can't promise an exact date for responding with answers to this case study because I am moving to a new house in Edmonton, Alberta this weekend, and I am unsure of my laptop's ability to connect with the wireless hub there. If everything goes smoothly, expect the next post early next week, on Monday or Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!


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