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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Spotlight: The Load Leveler

The focus of this week's Sunday Spotlight features a device that allows workers that unload material off pallets and carts without having them place their bodies in compromising positions. The load leveler, which can be found in applications ranging from carts to pallet holders, automatically adjusts its height as weight is added or removed from it, keeping the loading/unloading height at a proper level. This is accomplished through tension springs that compact or uncoil as weight above it is added or removed.

As with any ergonomic technology though, it will be of little benefit if it is not adjusted properly. Ensure that the load leveler functions so that the loading/unloading height falls between 33" and 38" above the standing surface, and ensure the retrieval area near the load leveler is free from obstructions that would make item retrieval difficult. Ideally, a load leveler that rotates would be the best model to acquire, as it allows for nearside retrieval of items that would otherwise require a long reach across the pallet.

Have current or past experience with load levelers? Feel free to share your wisdom in the comments below!


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