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Monday, October 22, 2007

Selecting The Right Office Chair


The link above leads to a very through article on selecting the right office chair. Before it gets into the nitty-gritty details though, it drops a statistic from a study by the Office Ergonomic Research Committee (OERC). By both acquiring properly-sized ergonomic office furniture, and by training the employees on how to adjust them (very important), productivity increased by 17.8%, or by $367 more income generated per employee.

Scott Openshaw, Human Factors and Ergonomics Manager for Allsteel, who is the resident expert in this article, suggests the following checklist for selecting an office chair:

1. Promotes healthy movement while working and allows you to move easily
2. Has adjustments that are intuitive and easy to find and operate
3. Supports your body while you work comfortably at your desk
4. Provides armrests that support your arms so your shoulders do not get tired while keyboarding
5. Supports your seat with even pressure so you are comfortable while you sit
6. Allows you to keep your eyes on your work while moving, without needing to readjust the seat, keyboard or monitor position
7. Adjusts to your individual body type, so you can have the support and comfort that you need
8. Adjusts to the desk or workstation and accessories you use to work so you can be productive and comfortable

If you're about to replace your creaky, sad excuse for a seat, give this article a full read by clicking the link at the top...


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